Flexible, High-performance Positioning Systems

It’s all about location, location, location. With Trimble marine construction systems, you’ll never have to worry about yours. Trimble offers flexible, high-performance positioning systems to meet the unique needs of marine construction on both simple and complex projects. Our solutions include both hardware and software, and can be easily integrated into third-party systems.

For a full list of Trimble Marine Systems, please visit the Trimble Heavy Industry website.


Trimble Marine Solutions

GNSS Antennas for Construction

Trimble offers several models of GPS and GNSS antennas to suit your specific application, signal tracking and budget requirements.

GNSS Receivers and Antennas for Marine Construction

Marine construction presents its own unique challenges and requirements. No matter how complex your project, Trimble has high performance positioning systems and software to help you meet and exceed them.

Grade Control for Excavators

Maximum efficiency for your excavator. Everyone talks about it, but only Trimble delivers.

Machine Control for Backhoe Excavator Dredges

Improve dredging productivity and efficiency with accurate 3D visualization.

Machine Control for Clamshell Crane Dredge

Improve dredge productivity and efficiency with 3D underwater visualization.

Machine Control for Cutter Suction Dredges

Improve dredging productivity and efficiency with 3D underwater visualization.

Machine Control for Drilling, Piling and Dynamic Compaction Machines

Optimize production and revenue for drilling, piling and dynamic compaction operations. All day, all night and under almost any conditions.

Machine Control for Wire Crane Block Placement

Improve underwater construction productivity and efficiency using accurate 3D visualization.

SNM941 Connected Site Gateway

The SNM941 is like a dedicated hotline sending and receiving vital information from the field – design updates, GNSS corrections, production information, and even tech support.

Trimble Tablets

Connect your office to the field with a Trimble tablet, rugged and fully connected field computer for construction measurements and site positioning. Brains and brawn. What could be better.