Site Positioning (SPS) /Layout Solutions

Do you want to streamline your layout process and improve its accuracy, too? We have a user-friendly, cost-effective answer. Our site positioning tools allow you to place stakes without waiting for the surveyor – and without tapes, transits or lasers. Overall benefits include increased accuracy and efficiency. You’ll be able to meet tighter specs, avoid rework and save time as well as achieve independence from third-party vendors. 3D modeling of the site is not necessarily always required as a previous step to site positioning tools.

Within this group of tools, we offer several options for the most efficient, most flexible layout solution, including GPS Rover Systems, Mechanical, Universal, and Robotic Total Stations.

Machine Control Systems

If you’re looking for ways to save time and reduce expenses, including fuel, wages, and material cost; if you need to reduce reliance on stakes, increase safety at your worksite and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your operation, Machine Control and Guidance (MC&G) solutions make very good business sense. They could be used on just one machine, on several, or even across the entire fleet. Whatever machine make and brand, we carry Machine Control and Guidance (MC&G) options for your excavators, dozers, graders, rollers, compactors, pavers, mills, just to name a few. 

In general, MC&G can be used to grade, compact, pave, and excavate. For the first three applications, you can work with 2D or 3D work tool positioning. This means we are guiding or controlling a blade for lift and tilt (2D Dozer or grader), or grade and slope with an excavator. Any type of work that has vertical curves or irregular undulating surfaces (shapes like cones or bowls) or 3D work requires a 3-dimensional surface model in a computer (controller) that resides in the machine. Using GPS or UTS to calculate where the machine allows us to guide or control the blade or bucket to where the 3D model needs to be at finish grade.

Data Solutions/Software

Ever wanted to be in at least two places at the same time, the jobsite and the office? Hate to have to make decisions in a vacuum? Frustrated with lack of information or old information, and finding out about problems when it’s too late?  When your goals are maximizing machine availability, achieving greater control, and increasing productivity, nothing beats knowing and knowing in real-time. Bringing assets and people together in an on-line community, our hard-nosed software solutions – Vision Link, Business Center and Connected Community – help you cut down on waste and crank up on profitability.