It’s machine automation, and it can change your business.  

Listen to people who are using it. Some of these companies are big and some are small. Some pave interstate highways and others do residential driveways.  Some manage large fleets and others operate a couple of machines.  But they all have something in common – they excavate, doze and fill with unheard-of speed, accuracy and profitability.

Camara Excavating

A general site work and septic contractor, Joel Camara works alone, and his biggest challenges will sound familiar to other contractors his size – trying to keep grade, getting in and out of the machine, and being in two places at once. With the support of SITECH Northeast, Joel Camara is using Trimble construction technology to compete with much larger firms,

Cold Spring

What was this highway construction company’s main goal when they started using construction technology – and was there any surprising, unexpected benefit? Listen to Cold Spring Construction’s Ryan Forrestel as he summarizes their experience working with automation and SITECH Northeast.

Continental Paving

Was there a particular reason why company owner Mark Charbonneau and Project Manager Ryan Charbonneau decided to check out Machine Control and Guidance? They saw the success other companies were having with the technology. And why did they choose Trimble? Easy. Their market share, and the quality of their products. 

DN Excavating

Company co-founder Donny Nusbaum and his partner were looking for an edge, something that would help their smaller company compete with larger contractors. Did he find it? You’ll hear what he thinks about what he calls a “game changer” from SITECH Northeast and how even his older, skeptical operators now refuse to go back to the old way of doing things. 

Gorick Construction Co.

This is an example of a company that has gone the whole way – not only have they automated all the dozers in their fleet, they have even gone the extra step and brought modeling in-house. Senior Project Manager Trevor Moyer emphasizes that they count on SITECH Northeast for support, including scheduled operator and foremen training.

Interstate Landscape Co. Inc.

It’s not like the Londonderry NH design/build company needs more magic! After all, they are home to the “Dirt Ninja,” whose legendary feats as a machine operator and in-depth knowledge as a machine owner have gained him thousands of viewers and fans in Social Media circles. But the company is always looking for a better way – and he feels he has found it with the help of SITECH Northeast.

JH Lynch and Sons Inc.

“It will pay off – immensely.” That’s Superintendent Scott Chatelle’s message to companies considering the use of Trimble construction technology. He particularly appreciates the speed the technology has brought to their work and their productivity, the level of support they receive from SITECH Northeast, as well as the durability of the Trimble products – “I use them under the pouring rain, in the snow…”

LRS Excavating Companies

As a long time user of construction technology, Rick Pinney has seen a lot – and he likes what he’s seen! He specifically mentions a couple of features of the Trimble technology he really appreciates; lack of GPS signal loss, and how the automation technology is getting better and better. Convincing his father took some time but nowadays Mr. Pinney senior is a total convert himself.

Madsen Excavation

Although he says he was always interested in the technology, Dale Madsen thought it’d be too big an investment, or as he puts is,  “Frankly, not for me.” But all that changed when his Milton CAT salesman put him in touch with the SITECH Northeast team. Find out more about his change of heart – and the exciting real-life results for Madsen and his five-men company.

Shaw Brothers

When it comes to grading, Jim Bryant, Senior Surveyor at Shaw Brothers is pretty demanding. Find out how he grades SITECH Northeast – and why – when he talks about Shaw Brothers use and “abuse” of Trimble Construction technology, SITECH Northeast makes the grade.

Skid Steer Services

Company founder and owner, Randy Baldwin, put construction technology to the test in a really scientific way – he had two machines, one with and one without the technology, operating side by side. “Same level of operator experience, same job.” The result? The machine equipped with the technology completed the work in less than half the time the other machine did, and as Baldwin puts it, “that’s how you make money.” He’s grown his company from a one-machine operation doing patios to handling projects as demanding as airports, and he states firmly, “I won’t own a machine without it.”

W.J. Morris

Better control of quantities, both on earthmoving and on installation of sub-base, as well as more efficient use of manpower, are two benefits that project manager Ryan Davenport saw right away as a result of using Trimble construction technology.  He tells how the company started small, with one hand-held rover system, and then went all the way, with multiple machine control systems, and how the operators went from skeptical to total converts. Davenport insists it’s a no-brainer – even small companies can and should take advantage of the Trimble construction technology. 

Weaver Brothers

Big challenges, big expectations – and a couple of big surprises. You’ll hear that and more when you watch company owners Peter and Jeff Bates and some of their staff members describe how and why they decided to use SITECH Northeast’s Trimble construction technology across their fleet.

White Dog Cranberry

John Makepeace did it his way – he converted a corn field into a 32 ½ acre cranberry bog, working under tight deadlines from giant buyer Ocean Spray. If you know anything about building bogs, you know his challenge was monumental; just the stress of keeping the three different layers that form a bog completely level would have been enough to have anybody else call it quits. He got help from SITECH Northeast, and handled the million and a half yards of material with total precision. Other than complete accuracy, his biggest surprise with the Trimble technology was its ease of use. 

WW Contracting

“Grade stakes tell a story,” according to company president Andy Leonard…but “no grade stakes tell an even better one”; a story of accuracy and efficiency! “Never having to do anything twice,” is how project coordinator Rick Deschenes summarizes the SITECH Northeast story. Deschenes comments how the Trimble technology from SITECH Northeast “keeps the quantities where they should be,” and Leonard is impressed by how the crews have embraced the new way of doing things, to the point that they won’t do anything without it. His advice to other companies? “I tell them to make the investment, without hesitation – and they call me back and thank me.”