What is it?
In plain terms, the surface model is the information you need, in the format you need, so you can use your construction technology-equipped machinery. A more technical definition would be, the surface model is a 3D triangulation of all the necessary interpolations of the design drawings.

Why do you need it?
To quote one of our partners, “Because the world is not flat.”

What does it contain?
At a minimum, site-specific linework and surface data, plus points, alignments, survey and localization information, and offsets.  Basically, all the information shown on the drawings you used to bid the job.

How can you get it done?
There are two basic choices; in-house, or hire an expert.

What's involved in creating a Surface Model?
In order to create a surface model you will need one or more of the following:
  • A full set of current plans.
  • Their associated CAD files.
  • CAD software capable of creating 3D surface models.
  • A competent person with experience in building models.
Mistakes to avoid.
  • Using the engineer’s model. Keep in mind – It’s very different to build a model for design and permits than it is to build a model for machine control. Machine Control needs information in the right format.
  • Using just digitized information – it’s not accurate enough and the paper plans could contain features that are not buildable in the real world.
  • Not giving the person doing your model solid data and enough time.
For more information or a referral to a Modeling company, please contact your local SITECH Northeast Sales Rep.