Gaining An Edge


Whether your equipment is an excavator or a dozer, with Trimble technology from SITECH Northeast you can decide where to place your stakes; you can grade without a surveyor, or you can even choose to go completely stakeless.  Any of those options result in huge savings and puts you in control of your timeline.  Plus, your site takeoff can be much more accurate if you use a topo map that you created yourself, instead of relying on someone else’s data.  How’s all that for an advantage?


When you have Trimble on your team, you can dig cellar holes with just one person.  Bye, bye, grade-checker!  And if you’re the operator, your knees will thank you because there’s no more getting in and out of the excavator – from your seat, you can be 100% sure your grade is right.  You can use the same Trimble technology to place expensive material at the right thickness, and you’ll know that 8″ of stone is 8″ on the nose.  Won’t that help you shave your material estimates down, and curb rucking costs as well?


With the liabilities attached to incorrect waste treatment, knowing that what you are constructing is exactly to spec facilitates the work and speeds completion.  Maintaining proper material thickness is no longer a chore or guesswork – saving you time, materials and trucking.


Zoning regulations specify different depths and slopes for underground utility trenching.  With Trimble technology you know you’re digging in the right spot and at the right depth, even if you need to dig to a different profile for every utility – plus you can record a 3D position of critical assets such as intersection joints, valves, junctions, manholes, and inverts, to prove what you did.  QA/QC, done!


Layout your roads, utilities, and structures to finish floor grade without a surveyor.  Perform topographic calculations of volumes on the fly in the field.  And, when construction is completed, collect data to create the as-built that the owner needs.  Sound good?

GCS Flex Excavator Grade Control System

Makes it easy to get into machine automation at a very competitive price.  You can use it for a variety of excavation projects including digging for cellar holes, site prep and trenching for utilities, and it’s easy to expand as your needs change.

Trimble SPS Smart Antenna Trimble Site Mobile Controller

The smallest and toughest receiver built, together with a slim, lightweight and rugged controller, make an unbeatable economical combination.

Trimble Seven-Inch Tablet For Construction

Eliminate the gap between your office, the cab of your pickup truck and the jobsite.  The Trimble Tablet for Construction is an easy-to-use, rugged, versatile and fully connected handheld computer designed for construction professionals.

Trimble TSC3 Survey Controller

Want total control of site operations?  You got it.  This rugged keypad performs site measurement, stakeout, and grade checking operations.