Trimble CCS Flex System

This system reduces guesswork and helps achieve a more consistently compacted surface. You can easily record and display pass count information with the CCS Flex Compaction Control System for soil and asphalt compactors. Information is displayed graphically on the sunlight-readable control box, and can be exported or printed for documentation. Add-on sensor options expand functionality to provide compaction meter values for soil and temperature mapping during asphalt compaction. The system is easy to install, deploy and move between compactors.

  • System provides visual indications for the operator to roll a more efficient pattern, leading to increased productivity and fuel savings.
  • Real-time temperature maps allows operator to find the optimal compaction window.
  • Pass count maps to avoid over or under compaction
  • Documentation indicating consistent compaction effort across the entire project
  • Verifiable as-built information transferred via two-way data sync for documentation and timely payment