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Do you have a dredging job and you need to know where and how deep to dig?  Trimble technology from SITECH Northeast has specialty machine components designed to work underwater.  Need to use a clamshell bucket to dig or place material in just the right spot?  We can help you do that too.


Municipalities and agricultural customers often use open ditches with specific slopes to direct water.  Maybe you’re in charge of building the ditch or maybe you’ve been tasked with maintaining it; at any rate, keeping to the specified profile can be costly and error-prone.  Trimble technology bypasses the challenges and gives you accuracy and quality control throughout the job.


Today’s ponds are no longer simple, flat-bottom holes.  Whether treating stormwater with spillways or and aquatic benches before returning it to nature or creating an environment for animals and plants to thrive, those complex surfaces can all be dug with Trimble technology, without a stake in the ground.


A very precisely leveled surface is a must, as is the grading to edge slopes away from the pool’s rim, so stormwater doesn’t contaminate expensive treated water.  With Trimble technology, your excavator can become a constant “grade check” tool, giving you accuracy and allowing you to turn the job into a profitable one.

RETAINING WALLS  These structures are designed specifically for a purpose; maybe keeping dirt from spilling into a pond, holding back gravel away from a road, or terracing to increase useable land.  But in all cases, retaining walls require careful engineering and construction; material must go in the right place at the right elevation and the right slope.  Relying on Trimble technology to help you maintain accuracy without extra personnel dedicated to checking grade increases efficiency and reduces cost.

Dredging challenge solved, efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to the GCS900 Submersible Excavator System mated to the Trimble Marine software.

GNSS SPS585 Smart Antenna

Whether you mount it on your vehicle or on a survey pole, this receiver is an extremely affordable, high-precision Global Navigation Satellite System or GNSS solution.