The Power In Your Hands


Solar sites need to be well-graded and the solar panels have to be positioned very accurately to maximize sun exposure.  Mounting posts have to be driven or drilled into the ground at the right place and at the right elevation.  Trimble has technology for grading, drilling, and piling that solves those challenges very effectively.


Typically built-in remote areas that have not been surveyed, wind farms require extremely flat base areas.  The taller the structure, the more critical it becomes that the base is perfectly level, so the towers stay upright.  Trimble technology from SITECH Northeast gives you the peace of mind of grading to spec without having to continuously check your work.


Similar to wind farms, gas pads are generally located in regions that have poor access.  They need to be built right from the start on a very flat surface, so Trimble technology makes perfect sense from the point of view of efficiency.


Isolated, non-surveyed areas are usually the spot for substations, and they need to be built on a prepared surface.  The goal is to achieve accurate grading without overspending on equipment and human resources, and that’s why Trimble can make a big difference.

Trimble SPS930 Total Station

With the Trimble SPS930 Total Station, you can be sure of the accuracy of all your site measurements, even in high-traffic scenarios or where reflective surfaces such as vests or a parked vehicle could cause an error.  It works where GPS won’t, the total solution!

Ten Inch Tablet

This is a rugged tablet survey controller that allows you to make design changes in the field, communicate with the crew and get fast approvals.