Winner Takes All


Your goal here will be to maintain the grade; you need two slopes in opposite directions and a crown in the middle, so any water that’s not absorbed is shed and drains in the right direction.  Millimeter accuracy is critical, and millimeter accuracy is what Trimble technology from SITECH Northeast is known for.


When building running tracks and event stadiums, Trimble will help you in a couple of ways – by allowing you to create critical but subtle slopes, so water drains and sheds, and by keeping the track surface gently sloped to avoid puddles.  Those are all complex surfaces that can be graded to within millimeters, eliminating the need for constant string line grade checking.  It all equals a good bid resulting in good profit.


Whatever the size of the parking lot in the athletic facility you’re building, the grade is critical so water drains in the right place.  Trimble makes a parking lot a one-man job; not even a surveyor will be needed!

Robotic Total Station

When you use a Trimble Robotic Total Station to control your grader you can count on getting best-in-class millimeter accuracy.

SPS930 Total Station

One instrument gives you all – measurements, stakeout, and machine control functions – plus intuitive software, and a choice of controllers to match your jobsite needs.

MT 1000 Active Prism

Yes, you can prevent costly delays and rework and increase speed and productivity.  This is truly a unique instrument in the industry.