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Experience The Advantage

  • PAVING  Paving is an industry that adopted Machine Automation right from the start, and we have over 30 years of successful experience in this environment.  If you're considering buying a paver, check out the models that have Trimble 2D technology built into them; it's very user friendly and easy to upgrade to a 3D paving system when you pave to a design.
  • COMPACTION  Meeting federal and state regulations can become time-consuming and expensive and will quickly swallow your profits.  Trimble can help you meet compaction specs on soil and asphalt, and monitor pass count, stiffness and temperature.  Portability is a huge advantage here; the components can be used across the equipment range, in your dozer, excavator and roller, driving down the cost of ownership.
  • GRADING  Dozers and motor graders have been used to create the proper grade since their invention.  Operators needed to trust that grade stakes were properly placed and marked for grade.  Even the most seasoned operators had to "guess" at the grade in between stakes.  No matter how complex the surface may be, 3D grading systems utilizing a 3D surface model can grade to a design within +/- 1/8" with a motor grader and +/- 1/4" on a dozer.
  • ROAD BOXOUT  Are you building a road from scratch?  Trimble technology fits perfectly - you can increase efficiency up to 50%.  Your dozer, excavator and grade check crew will all work off the same data and can build the road without stakes.  Your foreman can check accuracy and perform quality control; you can eliminate the need for a surveyor while your excavator digs to grade, and your dozer can push material cutting to grade as the excavator marches down the road.
Yes, you'll want to use an excavator, not a dozer, when the width of the construction area is small.  And when you empower it with Trimble technology, you know that you'll keep grade effortlessly throughout the entire job.

Trimble Heavy/Civil Business Center Software

Yes, there's lots of geospatial data available - but can you really use it?  Now you can, thanks to Trimble Business Center (TBC), which gives you the capability to edit, process and adjust geospatial data so you can create deliverables with confidence.