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Instructional Videos

#1:  Earthworks FAQ:  Trimble Earthworks Dozer Overcut Protection

SITECH Northeast Field Service Supervisor Evan shows how to adjust the settings on a Trimble Earthworks controlled dozer to ensure your machine reacts as expected. To cut a consistent base in a design with a sidewalk or island, it may be helpful to turn off the overcut protection.

#2:  Earthworks FAQ:  Trimble Earthworks Dozer Snap vs Latch to Grade‚Äč

Evan from SITECH Northeast reviews the Snap to Grade and Latch to Grade features on Trimble Earthworks equipped machines.

#3:  Earthworks FAQ:  Trimble Earthworks with CAT AutoCarry

Adding Trimble Earthworks to CAT AutoCarry enables you to work with higher productivity. AutoCarry on your dozer helps you achieve and maintain a full blade load. With every pass, AutoCarry provides automatic blade height control, making sure you carry and keep as much material as you need.

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