Get what you need, when you need it. Take advantage of our rental programs to dip your toes – you’ll get the job done right and you’ll experience the benefits of the newest state of the art technology, while you take your time to make the final decision. During your rental period, if you realize that you don’t want to give up the value you have just discovered, there’s an answer for you, our convenient rental conversion.

The SITECH Northeast Rental Programs are a great way to make up your mind, based on your own real-life results.
There are a couple of possible scenarios – either you already own “Trimble-Ready” or “ACCUGRADE-Ready” machines, or you don’t. And you’ll ask, what’s Trimble-Ready and ACCUGRADE-Ready equipment, anyway? The quick answer is, these are basically machines that have been pre-configured by the manufacturer and do not need additional welding or drilling in order to have Trimble or AccuGrade gear installed.  See Trimble-Ready or ACCUGRADE-Ready.
  • If you already own Trimble-Ready or ACCUGRADE-Ready equipment, you can rent the machine automation components that fit your needs from SITECH Northeast, and we can install it.
  • If your equipment is not Trimble-Ready or ACCUGRADE-Ready, you can rent the Trimble-Ready or ACCUGRADE-Ready equipment from Milton CAT or from your equipment dealer and rent the machine automation components from SITECH Northeast. We will configure it to your machine to start the rental.
  • If you need to rent a GPS base station or rover or have a need for more precise positioning from a robotic total station (UTS) we have these rental solutions and the technical staff to get you up and running.
Your best bet? Talk to your SITECH Northeast representative. They are experts at assessing your situation, and helping you make the decision that fits your goals, your timeframe, and your budget.
The SITECH Northeast Rental Program offers you a cost-effective opportunity to confirm the competitive advantages of Machine Control technologies for your business.
And remember; you don’t have to go back to the old way of doing things, you can use the rent-to-own program! Get in touch with your SITECH Northeast rep, and find out more. You’ll be glad you did.